Potential Game Changer in Gold Supply - Oh Really?

On the recent "announcement" of yuan for oil trade with the gold conversion feature, let's look at it logically.
If true, it could have a positive gradual effect on gold prices longer term. However, what no one points out is simply this. 
It is a Chinese oil payment for services rendered. Who is going to take the whole payment and buy gold anymore than any company or person would buy gold with their total accounts receivables or total paycheck? A portion, possibly. 
They could convert this credit in Yuan back to dollar (where Yuan  is pegged) or Euro, buy some ("convertible") gold or do nothing, depending on needs.

This was only announced 9/1 in the Asian press and is "potential" only, not gospel truth. No official date announced yet either but suspected before end of year. 

Seeing is believing and $10,000 gold is not a logical consequence of this action, as some would have you believe.

Let's keep our eye on the ball.

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