The Path to Prosperity

"This is an invaluable system. Everyone says follow the trend but no one provides the specific technical details of an entry or exit point. With this info I'm beginning to understand more about it". - Spyros

My passion in life has always been to figure things out and solve problems. As a professional trader, my only full time job and challenge is to do just that each and every trading day. 

We also teach others the skills learned over many years and it gives us great satisfaction when they succeed.

Here at the Market Pendulum, we have a fully integrated system that reveals the structure of the trend, its pivot points and direction. 

Anyone can easily determine a daily trend change. However, the largest returns are when a new daily trend occurs within an existing positive weekly and monthly trend along with the confirmation indicators that support it. That takes a little more work and is our primary focus.

The Pathfinder trading system is designed to enter any market with the right tools, techniques and tips for trading trends. Perfection is not the objective here as we all make mistakes, being human. Strong, consistent profit performance on a regular basis is the goal.

Thankfully, we enjoy a world class system to assist our efforts. If there was a better integrated system available, we would either buy, adopt or modify it to meet our needs. After extensive due diligence, none has been found to date.

Today the Market Pendulum website introduces an introductory program to get you on the path to prosperity. Special offer details are here.

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