Pathfinder System - The Path to Progress

"This is an invaluable system. Everyone says follow the trend but no one provides the specific technical details of an entry or exit point. With this info I'm beginning to understand more about it". - Spyros

As a professional trader I have taught others the skills learned over many years and it gives me great satisfaction when they succeed.

Today, am happy to report all members have now graduated from both the Basic and Advanced programs and are successfully trading for their own benefit.

The Pathfinder world class trading system was designed help investors help themselves by providing them with the right tools, techniques and tips for trading true trends as well as effectively managing risk. 

Perfection was not the objective here as we all make mistakes, being human. Strong, consistent profit performance on a regular basis was the training goal.

This program is no longer offered but you can review their completed program materials summarized here.

Pathfinder System

Today, we display our world class Pathfinder System metrics and methods found nowhere else. We also enjoy uncanny precision and uncommon results every week in all markets with a special emphasis on the undervalued resource space.

Feel free to browse our independent and ad-free site and then perhaps moving on to the predictive and highly accurate Independence Gold Mine series or other special areas of interest such as Unique Perspectives or the Library.

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