Introduction to the Pendulum Project

The Pendulum Project

The Pendulum Project is not about “work in progress”. It’s all about "Projections" within any time frame trend.

Making predictions is always inherently dangerous but far more reliable in longer term trends as fully described "Trend & Cycle Decoded" here.

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Pendulum Project Credentials

Many Market Pendulum forecasts, some of which are summarized in the Pendulum Trader, originated from or were influenced by the proprietary Pathfinder Price, Time & Distance (PTD) formula within the Pendulum Project since 2013.

In fact, the Pendulum Portfolio results for the recent XAU uptrend demonstrate another positive result from the Pathfinder PTD formula.

That was how it was done and with a high degree of accuracy.

What is the Pathfinder PTD Formula?

The Pathfinder PTD formula is my method for making minimum price projections (goals) within any Pendulum Project time frame trend for any stock or index.

Let me illustrate how it works with a real life example we all can relate to.

If one drives to a store, a trend and goal has already been established with 3 primary elements:
  • Price (cost to get there)
  • Time to get there
  • Distance to be traveled

Along the way, there may be detours, road closures, or traffic jams but the primary trend and goal remains intact.

Here is another visual illustration that demonstrates the principle.

How far will a ball will bounce if dropped from a tall building? The height of that bounce is the minimum price objective (MPO) together with an estimated time to reach that goal.

The Pathfinder PTD formula for stocks takes that rebound calculation and determines
  • A minimum price objective it will likely achieve (MPO)      
  • An estimated time to arrive there

After MPO Achieved - What Next? 

Pathfinder PTD does not predict prices after a monthly destination has been achieved although minimum targets are frequently exceeded by a wide margin.

One has to employ other traditional/technical methods from that destination point forward including the vital Pendulum Project parameters.  Naturally, your usual customary stop loss procedures apply for safety.

An exception to this barrier is if prices have achieved a positive quarterly trend. That important time frame subject and results is covered in Bonanza Gold.

A Strategic Monthly Trend Example

The monthly trend is the most reliable time frame, particularly after a long downtrend. This kind of scenario is where the Pathfinder PTD formula really excels and where the highest probabilities reside.

The monthly is the only time frame being offered here.

I could show you hundreds of examples but would direct you to only one in the Pendulum Project under the “monthly chart” for NWBO. This was a stock a few of us followed/invested in during 2015 and demonstrates the results. 

Caution: Most will not be as precise as this example. Most exceed the MPO.

A worthwhile strategy is to buy new daily trends in those already doing well and in positive monthly trends as probabilities for profit favor this approach.

Pendulum Portfolio Projections

"It's certainly nice to have a Pendulum Portfolio that is doing well. It's quite another to know the minimum price projection for each stock."
We already have Pathfinder PTD projections for the 20 stocks in that portfolio (plus 19 others in sub-categories) whether or not a positive monthly trend has been achieved. 26 others in the Leadership PTD Portfolio also have projections.

These fixed projections are “already baked in the cake”, as it were, just waiting for execution when a new monthly trend begins.

In Summary

The Pathfinder PTD formula, in conjunction with a new positive Pendulum Project monthly trend change (after a long downward trend), is the most reliable method for making PTD predictions for any stock or index with a probability bordering on certainty.

At this time, the Pathfinder PTB and the new and global Leadership PTB projections can only be seen by way of this offer here

This is all part of Bonanza Gold, a world class trading system found nowhere else.


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