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Pendulum Trader
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Pendulum Trader - The Complete Collection
Bonanza Gold Mine - Pre-screened Stocks
A Special Undervalued Gold Stock 

Pendulum Trader - The Complete Collection

The Pendulum Trader website and charts demonstrates premiere trading strategies, technical tools that work and integrated time frame trend data for profitable trades. It also shows readers precisely how you can profit from any market trend with complete technical and fundamental background information.

Many other step-by-step guideposts, premiere trading techniques along with updated strategy presentations are also included. All can be used in any actively traded market including stocks, indexes and commodities. 

This site takes all the tools one step higher with methods to enter and exit any investment in a timely manner as well as how to handle mistakes are included. A complete and final checklist summarizes and guides.

Included at this site is the world class Pendulum Project that predicts with uncanny precision precisely where 65 resource stocks in the Pendulum and Leadership Portfolios plus 5 key indexes will go on a minimum price objective (MPO) basis in the monthly time frame. Many have already arrived at heir MPO as verified and witnessed by all members. 

Many stocks, indexes and financial events are reviewed here in Garrett's Gold Mine while the Prospectors Club provides a forum for member ideas and insights.

Bonanza Gold Mine (see introductory link below)

Pathfinder & Leadership Portfolios 

The Pathfinder Portfolio in Pendulum Trader includes 20 extraordinary stocks of the highest standard, performance and prospects within the gold, silver, platinum and phosphate resource areas. Primarily located in the US and Canada, they are simply the best. All have been thoroughly researched, enjoy great management, vision and the means to thrive. Sub-categories include Top Picks, Potential Takeover Candidates and Long Term Low Risk "Calls". Five in these groups were the objects of takeovers since 2015.

There are 19 other quality candidates in the replacement category. The Leadership Portfolio includes 26 premiere resource stocks for a total of 65 resource stocks.

Undervalued Gold Stock 

This offer also includes details on an undervalued gold stock that has a 10/mil resource which  includes a proven and probable reserve of 4.1/mil. A Bankable Feasibility Study will be completed by the end of the year which will likely cause a significant re-rating of the stock's price. 

Offer Details

You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. 

The one-time entry fee is $149.50 (20% discount from the regular price of $187.50) and includes: 
  • Pendulum Trader - The Complete Collection
  • Bonanza Gold Mine - Pre-screened resource stocks
  • Pathfinder and Leadership Portfolios + MPO Predictions
  • A Very Undervalued Gold Stock with a 10/mil resource 

This exclusive Special Offer for new members is not available to just anyone but only to serious investors. 

Please contact with supporting details of your interest along an email address. You will then be directed to a secure PayPal order link 

Thank you! 

(A Gmail account is preferred for easier access)

Your email address is confidential and will not be disclosed or sold to anyone.

Bonanza Gold Mine
For access to the current and updated "Bonanza Gold Mine" only, please see its detailed introduction here.

This is a separate offer from the one above.


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