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Portfolio Focus 

S&P500 & Related Markets

We trade profitable trends wherever they happen to be. Right now, it is primarily in the S&P500 and related markets.

Gold & Silver Markets

A special focus has been in the gold and silver area. Below is a record of that achievement.

Bonanza Project - Vaults of Value (condensed version)

During the bull market of 1978 to 1980, many large mining companies at least tripled. For example, Homestake Mining went from $30 in 1978 to $107 in 1980. Numerous low priced and undervalued gold and silver stocks increased considerably more during that period. From late 2008 to 2010, another undervalued and profitable event also occurred.

Today, we have a similar situation, conditions and pricing where very undervalued gold and silver stocks with significant defined "vaults of value" are largely ignored, overlooked or forgotten. That too will change in time.

For those with vision, it should also be noted these vaults are the primary sources of future gold and silver supplies.

Vital Premiere Portfolio details, descriptions and background on the Bonanza Project are in our Pendulum Trader website described here

A summary of the results so far is below.

Trader Garrett's Historical Gold/Silver Portfolio Results

68 stocks achieved core status in this area. 

Core Status Definition: To be elevated to a core position, a stock must have achieved at least a 100% net gain in the portfolio. At that point, 50% is sold for a complete return of initial risk capital and the rest rides for free. Alternatively, a few were sold with less then a 100% gain by calculating the number of shares needed to return the initial risk capital. Typically, no core position is sold unless a substantial and material adverse change occurs or the company is bought out. The historical portfolio results above represents completed core positions.


Northgate Minerals
Tradewinds Ventures 
Prodigy Gold
Queenston Mining
Aurizon Mines 
Rainy River Resources
Brigus Gold 
Carlisle Goldfields
St. Andrew Goldfields 
Claude Resources 
Lake Shore Gold
Kaminak Gold
Integra Gold 
Richmont Mines 
Klondex Mines

Please Note: Market Pendulum follows the 10 general considerations noted below on gold/silver stock selections. We do not handle investor's money, tell investors what do or advise them on their investment options. We only show what we do and why. This is not to be construed as investment advice or an invitation to duplicate our results. Please conduct your own due diligence.

Our 10 General Considerations - Gold/Silver stock purchases:

Management, their vision, experience and partners
Location of property
Number of holes drilled and/or ounces produced per year
Number of potentially mineable ounces (measured, indicated and inferred)
Open pit vs. underground
Metallurgy issues
Political considerations
Finances, net present value & potential share dilution
Feasibility study planned, in progress or completed

A Detailed Selection Method - Click here

Life Cycle of a Mine

Track Record

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