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The Pendulum Project
 A Probability Bordering on Certainty

Let’s say a great stock, index or commodity has been in a monthly downtrend for some time.

The question is, when it bottoms from that monthly bear market:
  • What minimum price objective (MPO) will it likely achieve? 
  • When will that event occur?

Our price, time and distance (PTD) formula answers both those questions with a probability bordering on certainty.

Impossible and improbable, you say? Is this some kind of magic trick, hocus-pocus or slick maneuver?

No, it’s the real deal. Many have already arrived at their MPO as verified and witnessed by all members.

So how is it done?

Two Methods

First, by a proprietary mathematical formula, and secondly, by a verification process called “Triangulation”. 

From Wikipedia, Triangulation is“The process of determining the location of a point by measuring angles to it from known points at either end of a fixed baseline." 

Here is a self-explanatory chart example using the S&P500.

The MPO was determined in March 2008 (horizontal green line). A trend change occurred in November 2009 and the MPO was achieved in February 2011.



The multi-colored "trend tracks" are not moving averages but progression price, time and distance force trends which include elements of slope and degree.

Need more Credentials? 

In our Pathfinder PTD Portfolio, which can only be obtained from within the Pendulum Trader and deals with resource stocks, 90% have already arrived at their MPO in the "one year or less category". The program began in April 2016.

A separate Leadership PTD Portfolio includes price predictions for 26 global gold/silver stocks. 42% of these have already reached their respective MPO in all time categories.

It also includes major indexes such as the XAU, GLD, SLV and XGD. Two of these have already arrived at their MPO's.

All results have been witnessed and verified by members. 

What are the Benefits?

One can project how much profit is likely to be made.  

For example, if after a monthly trend change, a stock is predicted to go from $5.00 to a MPO of $10.00 in 1-2 years or less, one has a probable gross gain of $5.00 per share for that time slot.

If one has several candidates in play like this, the result can be multiple staggered “paychecks” at various points into the future.

This is "Bonanza Gold", a world class trading system found nowhere else.

For more intricate details of how this works, click here.

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Updated Jul 2017

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