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"A trend is like a river flowing in its banks, around rocks and sharp bends. Occasionally, a river will be stable and flow smoothly. But at other points, it will be hazardous with wild rapids, a deep gorge, even a water fall or two. The trend is not about measuring the waves in the river because wave analysis is about as valuable as a rear view mirror in a head on collision with a rock. The trend is all about direction, energy and flow".  
- Trader Garrett -


Market Pendulum Library

For seven years Trader Garrett submitted articles to other publishing websites. This was primarily for documentation and credibility purposes. Those publishing websites exist primarily to highlight or draw attention to a subscription service, product for sale or advertising activities. We were clearly not part of that process. 

Outside publishing was discontinued in March 2013. Unfortunately, some past articles were "lost" by some websites and had to be reconstructed.

For our select group of serious readers, the free Market Pendulum Library was developed to update the vital time frame trend methodology articles, present how-to technical chart presentations and provide educational information to assist readers in their due diligence efforts. 

The Pendulum Trader website is the premiere and updated version of the Pendulum Library which includes many presentations on winning technical techniques, step-by-step guides and trend projections. 

It is also the a site of the world class Pendulum Project with highly advanced trading methods, Trader Garrett's Gold Mine and portfolio projections for both long and short term that everyone can use.


Other Selected Articles by Trader Garrett


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