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Please note all members graduated (7/4/19) from both the Basic (Pathfinder) and Advanced (Atlantis) courses and are successfully trading and investing for their own benefit.

As a result, these instructive programs are no longer offered and will not be repeated. 

However, the free Premiere Trading Indicators Series is available here. The charting program our graduates use everyday is available here at a discount.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and we wish everyone the best of success!


"To both you and Janet, I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas. You are sorely missed! But your work and your influence lives on in many of us." 
- Wolfgang


Below are descriptions of both the Pathfinder and Atlantis programs. In general, this world class fully integrated time frame system provided: 
  • Trend structure
  • Pivot Points
  • Price direction
  • Entry and exit points

Pathfinder - Basic
Premiere Trading Techniques, Trend Strategies & Guides

The Pathfinder Pendulum Trader website demonstrates premiere trading strategies, technical tools that work and step-by-step guides.

Pendulum Trading Plans include:
The "Premiere Trading Indicators Series" covers three of the best technical trend indicators and a premiere trading method for using them.

All trading plans can be used in any actively traded market including stocks, indexes and commodities.

Pendulum Trading Techniques include:
The Secrets of Time Frame Trends
Time Frame Trend Configurations
Dots of Direction & Duration - The PSAR
Strategic Math (for 100% Winners)
Trading Mistakes & Mishaps

Other Key Posts & Insights include:
Simple COT interpretation 
Valuation Metrics
Historical Perspectives and a whole lot more

Pendulum Special Feature:
The Bakers Dozen - 13 first class, researched and undervalued resource stocks to consider and the Bonanza Gold Mine.


"This is an invaluable system. Everyone says follow the trend but no one provides the specific technical details of an entry or exit point. With this info I'm beginning to understand more about it". - Spyros


Atlantis Rising - Advanced

After review, instruction and application in the basic Pathfinder system, members moved on to the more advanced site that included the unique Atlantis Rising formulas, highly advanced strategies and a stock screener they could use on their own everyday. 

  • Atlantis Rising and Tradeplans  
  • PWR, GPS & TDX Formulas & Stock Screener 

If you have the TC2000 platform, complete chart details, actual formulas and installation steps for using the PWR, GPS and TDX indicators are included as well as a defined TC2000 "Easy Scan" general screener. 

Even if you do not have TC 2000, this is still an incredibly valuable resource you can modify for your individual needs on your platform. 

The Atlantis System is a major boarding area for higher probabilittrading. This includes the PWR crossing the critical TDX train track (in the context of a positive daily, weekly anmonthly trend) which frequently leads to greater profits.

Atlantis System benefits:
  • Predicts future prices and trends
  • Helps you unlock important trend changes
  • Demonstrates longer term trends clearly
  • Corrects virtually all daily PWR and GPS type errors
  • Provides investors with improved technical visual clues and clarity
  • Vastly improves your trading results
"This is an awesome tool. Used in conjunction with the others it makes for a simple yet powerful system. Many thanks!" - Icicle

Pathfinder & Atlantis Examples

Pendulum Trader provides a set of unique, original and world class technical metrics designed to add premiere positions to any trading portfolio when low risk entry points occur as defined by our recommended indicators.  

For example, primary trends in any time frame (daily, weekly or monthly) are measured by the Trend Directional Indicator (TDI). 

Other trend indicators include our powerful GPS, PWR and TDX, all part of the Pathfinder and Atlantis systems. All 3 indicator formulas are available to all members.
In brief, these formulas capture buy/sell patterns in a format that extracts a trend focus. An extraordinarily reliable market strategy.

The systems regularly produces results such as these in the context of a positive daily, weekly and monthly trend.
PWR Crosses TDX = Buy
Price Closes Below PWR = Sell

Within the advanced Pendulum Trader, many stocksindexes and financial events are reviewed for free in Garrett's Gold Mine.

TC2000 is the charting software we use for all website charts. Highly recommended.

Comments from Readers  

The primary purpose of this presentation is simply to assist investors, based on our experience, in a certain investment area or direction so they can properly conduct their own due diligence. While past performance and probabilities are favorable, results are not guaranteed. Use these trade plans and stock selections at your own risk. All analytical content provided within or from this site is aimed purely to educate or inform readers on the technical aspects and possible value of intelligent, mathematically based research tools and charts for member's due diligence purposes.

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