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S&P500 and resource markets, primarily Gold, Silver and Copper.

We have provided both former students (who graduated on July 4th, 2019) and Market Pendulum visitors with several published insights, predictions and stock recommendations covering both the gold/silver and general markets.

Nine specific stock recommendations plus other outlooks are still in progress. See details below.

Gold & Silver Market

In Part 1 of Gold Rush!published in June 2017, my assessment was a significant and major Gold Rush will begin to occur within the next 12 -18 months and gradually accelerate over time to 2020 and beyond.

Result: For the GLD, the liftoff phase began in December 2018 at 115. Currently, we are at 172 for a 50% gain.

In April & May 2019 we published the Independence Gold Mine series which included a prediction that the gold/silver [stock] bear market would end in 140 days or less and that "Patience and the prospect of a profit picture would prevail by Independence Day, July 4, 2019".  

Result: In fact it started in June 2019.

This presentation also included the following predictions. "We will break thru the $1400 gold barrier later this year and achieve heights previously never thought possible in the following 2-3 years". "Any weekly closing rise over $79 (XAU) at any time after a new daily, is a back up the truck moment". 

ResultBoth initial milestones were achieved in June/July 2019.

In May 2019, Part 2 of the series also included 4 stock recommendations (AXU, THM, SBB & VGZ). A follow up on March 23, 2020 added PVG, SA & MMX. 

ResultAll seven selections have been very profitable to date.

For former students, long term monthly MPO's (Minimum Price Objectives) were provided on 46 gold/silver stocks. 

Result35 (76%) have reached their goal (or were taken over) so far as discussed in Part 3 of the Independence Gold Mine series.

MPO for the XAU (at the April 2020 turn) in Benchmark was $144.51. 

ResultObjective achieved on 7/21/20.

In August 2020, Quarterly MPO predictions were discussed here.

Result2 stocks recently achieved their goals. Five other identified stocks have not yet reached their objectives.


Benchmark demonstrations included CGEN (MPO achieved), two XAU buy events and a buy/sell sequence for THM from March to August 2020.

Result: All demonstration trades were significantly profitable

Atlantis Project 4/30/21 - live demonstration of 8 resource selections using our Pivot Point technology.

Result+13.2% in 6 weeks

General Market

In Part 1 of Gold Rush!published in June 2017, we noted "an extreme overvaluation of the S&P500 is present. However, prices are likely to surge way over $2500 before ending."

Result: S&P500 is now over 4300 (projection = a surprising xxxx)

In "S&P500 - Overdone, Overvalued, Overdue - Oh Really?" on 4/2/21 we indicated, "Projections suggest substantial further gains". 

ResultA 8.7% gain has occurred since that date.

In April 2020, Part 1 of the Benchmark article described the "ABC" buy and sell procedure and included 10 stock setups. 

ResultIn July's Part 2 follow up, all ten were very profitable and seven had actually doubled in 3 months before closeouts. Charts are here.

On the price inflation front, Part 1 of Gold Rush! suggested a gradual pickup in inflation. RINF recorded a major trend event in August 2020 when it finally reaching a positive weekly trend. In August 2020, Part 2 of Gold Rush! suggested "the likelihood of a positive monthly trend in a month or so."

Result: Three months later, a positive monthly was achieved in November 2020.

Record & Resources

This is the complete record. No "cherry picking" here. Regrettably, many have overlooked these highly accurate recommendations and results. They will be followed here until July 4, 2021. 

After that, you may wish to join the free Pathfinder system that includes buy/sell advice on all stocks and indexes plus easy to follow tutorials.

TC2000 - Duplicate our results by creating your own personal chart/stock scan program. Review plans here with a Market Pendulum discount. Tutorials included.

We also now have Dr. Kern's Gold Stock Prediction service to help guide us as well.

Purpose & Goal

As a professional trader/investor with solid credentials and results, every article, item or recommended link on this website is designed to assist you in being successful.

8/27/20 (Final Update 7/4/21)


Important Caveat

While past performance and probabilities are favorable, results are not guaranteed. Use these trade plans at your own risk. All analytical content provided within or from this site is aimed purely to educate or inform readers on the technical aspects and possible value of intelligent, mathematically based research tools and charts for due diligence purposes.


Trader Garrett's Historical Gold/Silver Portfolio Results

This section is no longer updated after our former students graduated in 2019.

77 stocks achieved core status in this area. Last one was Group Ten Metals (PGE).  

Core Status Definition: To be elevated to a core position, a stock must have achieved at least a 100% net gain in the portfolio. At that point, 50% is sold for a complete return of initial risk capital and the rest rides for free. Alternatively, a few were sold with less then a 100% gain by calculating the number of shares needed to return the initial risk capital. Typically, no core position is sold unless a substantial and material adverse change occurs or the company is bought out. The historical portfolio results above represents completed core positions.


Northgate Minerals
Tradewinds Ventures 
Prodigy Gold
Queenston Mining
Aurizon Mines 
Rainy River Resources
Brigus Gold 
Carlisle Goldfields
St. Andrew Goldfields 
Claude Resources 
Lake Shore Gold
Kaminak Gold
Integra Gold 
Richmont Mines 
Klondex Mines
Americam Pacific Mining
Terraco Gold

Please Note: Market Pendulum follows the 10 general considerations noted below on gold/silver stock selections. We do not handle investor's money, tell investors what do or advise them on their investment options. We only show what we do and why. This is not to be construed as investment advice or an invitation to duplicate our results. Please conduct your own due diligence.

Our 10 General Considerations - Gold/Silver stock purchases:

Management, their vision, experience and partners
Location of property
Number of holes drilled and/or ounces produced per year
Number of potentially mineable ounces (measured, indicated and inferred)
Open pit vs. underground
Metallurgy issues
Political considerations
Finances, net present value & potential share dilution
Feasibility study planned, in progress or completed

A Detailed Selection Method - Click here

Life Cycle of a Mine


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