Pathfinder Trading System (RSVP)

The Pathfinder Trading System is our valuable free research site for serious traders and investors only.

Seating is limited. Reservations are required.

The Pathfinder site includes:

  • Clear Buy/Sell signals in every time frame for the S&P500, XAU or any listed stock/index using a proven precision technique. Simply enter a stock symbol.
  • Premiere Trading Indicator series with complete instructions.
  • Vital Market Data & Ratios (with 3 bull market level requirements).
  • Time Frame Clock Configuration directions.
  • Strategic Trading Guide and more.


We have provided documented success in Market Pendulum over 12 years including an extraordinary record here with several recommendations still in progress but mostly overlooked.

Pathfinder Premiere is a valuable free site for serious traders/investors and will remain that way. Count on it!

Reservation Instructions

To access this exclusive Pathfinder Trading System site, you will need to request entry. 

Send your request to... by copying and pasting into your email program. If approved, you will be sent entry instructions when the doors open. 

RSVP your seat today!

Alternative Choice

To produce your own creative charts and scans, review TC2000 plans and pricing here or download the program at a discount herecourtesy of Market Pendulum.


"The primary object for serious traders and investors is to first determine the posture of the time frame clock trends (daily, weekly and monthly) for any index, stock or commodity you wish to trade and act accordingly. If one truly understands this simple time frame trend concept, one is already miles ahead of the crowd. And it has been in plain sight all along."

~Trader Garrett 


Important Caveat

While past performance and probabilities are favorable, results are not guaranteed. Use these trade plans at your own risk. All analytical content provided within or from this site is aimed purely to educate or inform readers on the technical aspects and possible value of intelligent, mathematically based research tools and charts for due diligence purposes.


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