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A Season of Sharing

This is our little mountain town of Estes Park, Colorado (elevation 7500 ft) and gateway to beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park. 

We are thankful, indeed privileged to live here and will never take it for granted.

The message of these mountains is they are steadfast, strong and resolute no matter what comes their way.

Let us all resolve to be steadfast in our thanks for what we do have, strengthened by the progress made so far and resolute in our determination to do the very best we can with whatever God given talents we possess. 

If this little 9 year old girl with dedication and diligence can do this, we should all be inspired to success as well. An awesome performance as well as an inspiration for personal excellence in whatever we do, at whatever age and in whatever condition we find ourselves.

Throughout the year, and especially at this season of sharing, let us also not forget the less fortunate or those who may need that special word of encouragement and comfort.

Merry Christmas!
Trader Garrett



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Trader Garrett is a professional full-time trader in stocks and an expert in time frame trends. He created the Market Pendulum Model, several original technical Trend and Cycle indicators, the Pendulum Project for longer term trends as well as the Bonanza Project for undervalued miners.

His work has been published on several websites including Financial Sense, Gold-Eagle and Kitco. Links to Market Pendulum can be found on a number of websites including Trader Dan Norcini's.


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