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Dr. Kern has shared his latest gold stock index outlook entitled "Resistances". Due to a family emergency the presentation was delayed.

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The GPS Engine vs Resource Markets (Updated 10/2/21)

"The countdown for this major launch will likely take considerable time and distance to succeed." 8/9/21 ~TG  

The resource market continues in a bear trend. But there is evidence this continuing downside journey will end.

Current Leadership Issues

Current upside leadership is lacking while leading the way over the ledge. This is clearly demonstrated in NEM's advanced GPS trend chart below. 

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(Historical GPS examples under "The SAR - Plain & Simple" here)

Illogical Logic

A little over a month ago we noted:

  • "No amount of alleged positive seasonality trends, moon shot forecasts or other nonsense will save the day." 
  • We still have calls for a resource sector bottom any day now for various reasons, largely fundamental. 

Agree, this sector is mostly ignored, overlooked and forgotten. Undervalued, of course, but these conditions can go on far longer than one's resources or patience.

We also have numerous calls for a major S&P500 crash soon. If that event were to occur (zero mathematical evidence right now), it would drag the resource market down too.

We can all moan, groan and complain until the cows come home or we can sit on the sidelines until a new daily trend emerges. 

The GPS will help identify that trend.

Resource Market - Good News

As I told several people recently, "Longer term (once we bottom), it's my strong belief that the next 3-5 years will be truly exceptional".

I expect both a positive daily and weekly trend to be in place by early 2022. The GPS engine will help handle those assignments.

9/11/21 (Chart updated 10/2/21)

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Benchmarks of Performance

There are many articles, charts and links on this website that include recommendations along with extraordinary results. 

Nine specific stocks are still in progress along with other updates and forecasts.

Those recommendations, records and results have been compiled, updated and 
summarized here.

Additional future projections are here. 

Special Announcement

Market Pendulum is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Kern, PhD has appointed us an affiliate of the SKI system which generates accurate buy and sell signals using the USERX gold mutual fund. This is a unique and valuable resource for our readers. 

Dr. Kern is an academic psychologist with a specialty in the measurement and prediction of human behavior. As his only affiliate link, this appointment is indeed a great honor and I appreciate his confidence and trust.

In 1985, he created a totally unique math predictive program that analyzes the interaction of price & time in the gold market.

The SKI index formulas incorporate price, time, velocity and acceleration in a completely unique manner. The goal is to predict short (1-4 weeks), intermediate (1-2 months) and long term (years). The results have been highly accurate and successful for subscribers with the latest presentation here.

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