Gold Stock Index Update

Dr. Kern has successfully used his unique SKI indices to accurately predict price changes for over 3 decades. 

The SKI formulas incorporate price, time and acceleration. 

His current "Gold Stock Update" for all website visitors is here.

A Resource with Credentials

For short and long term outlooks on a major gold stock index, I strongly urge you to consider Jeff's 36 year history of precision forecasts and expert analysis. 

This is a credible and reliable record not easily found elsewhere. Other compelling background credentials are here

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The Atlantis Project

By special request, Trader Garrett has agreed to demonstrate the Atlantis Project which combines our Pivot Point technology, GPS and an Atlantis indicator into one complete simplified chart picture.

This revolutionary trading method reveals the true trend in a straight line demonstration without the use of traditional moving averages while providing confidence in staying with the trend.

All recommended stock selections are current. 

This fascinating article is here.

A Menu of Qualified Choices

At Market Pendulum we have a menu of highly qualified choices that help readers guide their investment decisions.

1) Expert gold stock precision timing are provided by Dr. Kern here. His 36 year record has been thoroughly reviewed by myself and many others and is highly recommended. Use this special link to select your service plan.

2) To duplicate our charts and results, we recommend TC2000. Here you can create your own personal chart/stock scan program.

For example, develop trend charts for the S&P500 daily, weekly and 20 year monthly charts, such as displayed here.

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3) Pathfinder Trading System is our valuable free research site for serious traders and investors only. It includes precision based free buy/sell signals in any time frame on all listed stocks and indexes along with a complete trading plan and guide. It also provides precise signals when a Gold Rush! of historic proportions occurs.

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4) Finviz is a free site used by professional managers and companies. It provides invaluable free market charts, financial news and stock screeners. A brief tutorial is here.

5) Investopedia provides free and complete financial education, advice and trading terminology explanations.

Trader Garrett's posts and commentary on any subject are by special request only. A recent example is here. An extensive library is here.

It just does not get any better than these choices. 

Pick the one(s) that meet your needs.

Trader Garrett

Benchmarks of Performance

There are many articles, charts and links on this website with numerous recommendations and results. 

Nine specific stocks are still in progress along with other updates.

Those results and recommendation nuggets have been recently compiled in summary form. Updated results are

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Special Announcement

Market Pendulum is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Kern, PhD has appointed us an affiliate of the SKI system which generates accurate buy and sell signals using the USERX gold mutual fund. This is a unique and valuable resource for our readers. 

Dr. Kern is an academic psychologist with a specialty in the measurement and prediction of human behavior. As his only affiliate link, this appointment is indeed a great honor and I appreciate his confidence and trust.

In 1985, he created a totally unique math predictive program that analyzes the interaction of price & time in the gold market.

The SKI index formulas incorporate price, time, velocity and acceleration in a completely unique manner. The goal is to predict short (1-4 weeks), intermediate (1-2 months) and long term (years). The results have been highly accurate and successful for subscribers.

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Please Note

The following sections have indicators proprietary in nature. Feel free to imitate, duplicate or replicate the concepts presented for your own benefit. For even better results, use this resource at a discounted price (courtesy of Market Pendulum).

Additional useful trading instructions, concepts and ideas are provided in the Pathfinder SystemUnique Perspectives or in Trader Garrett's Library.


The Power of Atlantis Cycle Indicator ACE-9

Measuring TDX price trends is important. Defining cycles within those price trends is an equally effective exercise. The zero gravity line is the key.

For trading purposes, knowing the location of zero gravity is a very important data point. Why?

Because the cyclical forces of price, time and distance move values above and below the zone of zero gravity. This clearly provides liftoff, direction and trend.

ACE-9 Benefits
  • ACE-9 has the capability of frequently predicting a TDX daily turn before it occurs, an extraordinarily valuable benefit.
  • ACE-9 when used in conjunction with Pivot Points is deadly accurate.
  • ACE-9 can frequently provide guidance on sales at the end of a trend when it turns over.

The ACE-9 and Pivot Point teams are my top shelf guidance systems. Priceless.

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The SAR - Plain & Simple

The SAR is a well known trend confirmation indicator providing "Dots of Direction and Duration". Our powerful GPS metric is an improvement of that indicator with superb accuracy and results.

The GPS offers several advantages and benefits including:
  • Allowing early trend entry
  • Guidance in staying with that trend
  • Trading profits are larger
  • A built in self-adjusting stop-loss indicator
  • A great confidence builder

We use our TDI (Trend Directional Indicator) in conjunction with the GPS indicator.

Bring up a daily chart of CLMT and compare your SAR with our GPS.

Click chart to enlarge 

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Atlantis - Pivot Point Precision

Investing can be frustrating with prices and indicators fluctuating constantly creating doubt and uncertainty.

Most investors would prefer a clear entry point near the start of a new trend and then a straight line trip to success. Is this a realistic goal? Can we ignore the price noise while traveling on this train to the exit station?

Yes, we can and in essentially straight lines (after the liftoff) no less! 

A very impressive performance, to say the least. Take a look at these Pivot Point (PP) examples. 

Pivot Point (PP) for Buy
(complete chart here)

Background Parameters

We all know that the highest probabilities of profit occur when a new positive daily emerges within an existing positive weekly/monthly trend. Building on that knowledge, the Atlantis "Pivot Point" provides unique guidance and confirmation within that context.

We had numerous "live and in progress" Atlantis MMM candidates that resulted in successful demonstrations witnessed by all former students. How was this done?

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