Amazing But True

In ancient times, they took a cup of water from the river, put a pure gold nugget in the water to kill the bacteria and drank the water.

"Cleopatra famously used pure gold as a face mask to keep her skin youthful. During the Roman era, gold was made into a salve and used to treat various skin diseases and infections." 

Silver does the about the same thing. On the Oregon Trail and others, pioneers always had silver coins in their water buckets.

Wearing 24 carat gold is actually very healthy thing for your body as well. It relieves arthritic symptoms, reduces soreness or infections, regulates body temperature which improves the immune system, helps skin care and improves mood.

Currently, "Gold Nanoparticles (AuNPs) are a powerful addition to the range of techniques available for virus testing and control" as explained here. Silver nanoparticles have "use as antiviral therapeutics against pathogenic viruses" as demonstrated here.

Amazing but true.

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