Atlantis Pivot Point Precision

Investing can be frustrating with prices and indicators fluctuating constantly creating doubt and uncertainty.

Most investors would prefer a clear entry point near the start of a new trend and then a straight line trip to success. Is this a realistic goal? Can we ignore the price noise while traveling on this train to the exit station?

Yes, we can and in essentially straight lines (after the liftoff) no less! A very impressive performance, to say the least.

Background Parameters

We all know that the highest probabilities of profit occur when a new positive daily emerges within an existing positive weekly/monthly trend. Building on that knowledge, the Atlantis "Pivot Point" provides unique guidance and confirmation within that context. 

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t is built on the PTD (price, time & distance) formula along with a Gaussian math probability 
density function and sine wave analysis layered into other indicators 2 levels deep which has the benefit of revealing a major trend change all by itself. Quite a mouthful!

In plain English, it takes elements of the TDI, TDX and our "train track technology" and combines all of them in a unique way providing pivot point alerts for a new daily uptrend (or downtrend).

       Historical Chart Examples          

We had two "live and in progress" Atlantis MMM candidates that resulted in successful demonstrations witnessed by all former students. How was this done? 

Take a look at the circled Atlantis daily Pivot Point signal.





In Summary

The Atlantis Pivot Point is a precision based straight line indicator like no other. 

It avoids the noise and provides great confidence in a new positive daily trend within the context of an existing positive weekly and monthly trend. It simply does not get any better than this.

Our unique Atlantis Cycle Indicator ACE-9 is used in conjunction with Pivot Points above and with extraordinarily accurate results. More Atlantis Cycle details are here.

And no, it's not for sale at any price but helps guide my investments and outlook.

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