Bonanza Gold - A True Story

This is the story of fabulously rich gold mine found by accident. It is absolutely true because I have been there.

High up in the Rocky Mountains an old prospector, down on his luck, was aimlessly walking around when he came upon narrow gauge train tracks.  

Clearing away the brush, he found this entrance to an abandoned gold mine.

Looking around inside, he saw it had been mined with old mining methods but no gold ore was visible anywhere. Getting out his hammer and chisel, he poked around for awhile with few results.

However, after crossing over the train tracks near the end of an abandoned tunnel and shining his flashlight at the ceiling, he noticed a small speck of what appeared to be gold.

Hammering and chiseling away, the small speck grew wider revealing a much longer gold vein trend.

Having nothing to lose, he went to the owners and told them he wanted to purchase the old mine, its records and charts. They told him it was all mined out, new mining methods would not work and it was not really worth anything at all.

Nevertheless, he persisted and they sold it to him for virtually nothing. After buying the old mine, the old prospector literally had only $99.00 in his pocket. But he firmly believed he would find more gold.

The next day, he returned to the mine to do some further exploration work. Using improved mining methods, trend strike indicators and GPS, he determined the vein and all its high grade offshoots were above all the previous historical workings, undiscovered until now. In the following days and weeks, bonanza grade ore beyond belief was eventually found.

He mined it for several years and did very well for his family. No one in the village seemed to notice when he put a down payment on a home with a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

Sometime later a small spring, rising from the deep, was discovered on the property which he named Atlantis.

It flowed into a nearby and newly named Placer Creek where, overlooked by past miners, it also had numerous placer gold deposits and was on a direct path from the mine.

As he was getting older and after several years of successful mining, he decided to share his hard work and research with other like minded prospectors for a small fee. So he advertised in various publications, put up a blinking neon sign on a nearby highway and waited.

Over time, only a few serious prospectors showed up. These miners could come and go, all day if they liked. He would furnish them with simple but advanced new mining methods, complete instructions as well as tools to mine the rich ore. He even told them where to prospect for profitable new gold trends and veins.

Recent definition drilling revealed a down plunge geologic gold trend structure that leveled out far below. But then, the gold vein trend dramatically rose back toward the surface.

"This may take many weeks to get down there but nevertheless it will be extraordinarily rich ore and very profitable as well", said the old prospector.

At a nearby shack called the Prospector's Club, successful miners gathered to discuss this major discovery and share their ideas and insights with others in the group.

No one else believed such simple mining methods would work. Messages to other mining professionals were totally ignored. Clearly they believed they already knew everything already and were not open to fresh ideas and insights.

Other investors had other overpriced parabolic plans to pursue. It just took too much time, work and effort for them to explore new, revolutionary and undervalued gold trends. Major error.

At this gold mine, they drill for trend with advanced techniques that are in a class by themselves.

Today, still ignored, overlooked and forgotten, this mine produces large quantities of high grade gold ore with simple mining methods used by a small group of dedicated miners.

What is the name of this fabulous gold mine?

The Bonanza Gold Mine, of course!

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