The SAR - Plain & Simple

Dots of Direction and Duration

The SAR is a well known trend confirmation indicator. 

Our powerful GPS metric is an improvement of that indicator with superb accuracy, results and "Dots of Direction and Duration."

The GPS offers several advantages and benefits including:

  • Allowing early trend entry
  • Guidance in staying with that trend
  • Trading profits are larger
  • A built in self-adjusting stop-loss indicator
  • A great confidence builder

We use our TDI (Trend Directional Indicator) in conjunction with the GPS indicator in any time frame.

Bring up a chart with a traditional .02/.20 or .02/.10 SAR and compare its signals to our GPS. 

S&P500 Charts - 2018 to 2021

S&P500 Daily - 2018

S&P500 Daily - 2021
Click chart to enlarge

S&P500 Weekly - 2019 to 2021
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S&P500 Monthly to 2021

20 Year Price History

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Confirmation Steps to Success

When using our GPS, there are three vital confirmation steps in the selection process which offers a profitable methodology.

The steps involved are quite simple.

  • Step 1 - A trend change has been identified using our recommended TDI indicator
  • Step 2 - The GPS is now below the price, confirming that trend change
  • Step 3 - The GPS should be fairly close to the price action

It is best used with trending stocks, indexes and commodities, not for sideways or range bound investments as frequent whipsaws will be encountered.

Historical Examples

Now lets will look at longer term picture of ABX.

ABX - Jan 2017 to Jun 2017

ABX - July 2017 - Feb 2018

ABX - July 2018 to Oct 2018

For longer term outlooks, the GPS is particularly effective when positive weekly and monthly TDI time frames are already present. As a result, legendary results can occur.

In Conclusion

All our personal trade plans include the GPS since it provides clear "dots of direction and duration" and is premiere in every respect.

There are not many trade plans that offer: 

  • Three simple setup steps
  • Early trend entry
  • A stop loss element already built in
  • Trend confirmation for confidence
  • Exceptional potential trend profit results

The powerful GPS indicator and TDI together does it all and is only available in the detailed Pathfinder Trading System our 2019 graduates use everyday.

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12/30/17 (updated May 2021)

Additional Historical GPS Examples

ZAGG - Aug to Dec 2017

SCMP - Aug to Dec 2017

KLDX - Jul  2017 - Dec 2017

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