The Future of Free

The Meaning of Free 

On this free website, we provide clear, credible and convincing evidence by way of various proprietary, proven and world class metrics. Trading methodology and commentary always includes supporting evidence.

It is also free of outrageous forecasts, hype or moon shot predictions. Many sites use these tactics to increase the number of visitors, sell a product or obtain a short term shelf life of notoriety. All these activities provide a false flag of hope without foundation.

The Purpose of Free

Regrettably, a "free" website implies low value to some people and is summarily dismissed. At Market Pendulum, nothing could be further from the truth. A considerable amount of data on this website includes numerous nuggets of useful and vital information.

We have not received any monetary benefits except for student training activities to July 2019. We are an affiliate of TC2000 whose charts you see displayed and whose software we highly recommend and Dr. Kern's extraordinarily valuable Gold Stock Prediction Service.

As a professional trader and expert in time frame trends, the only purpose of this free website is to assist investors in their own due diligence process by simply pointing them in the right direction.

The Future of Free

We don’t have to publish a free website but are happy to share whatever insights, trends and information we have with our readers worldwide. If we don’t fit into your busy schedule and priorities, that’s fine.  

However, if you have been helped in your own personal due diligence efforts, a simple sincere thank you and details on how you have been helped is all that is required. This also assists other readers as well.

The best things in life are indeed free and Market Pendulum will remain that way. 

Count on it!

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