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Love your work! Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and techniques on a free blog. You make it easy to understand, and simple to apply. - Icicle

My wife and I had the privilege of personally meeting T.G. and his wife Janet this fall. They are the "real deal" and I consider myself fortunate to know them and be a part of this forum. - Scott 

Great summary article Garrett.  I really appreciate your clear presentation.  You have actually given people a trading plan that can actually work....I cannot thank you enough! - Bryan

Thanks so much for your email and the material. It is priceless! 
- Martin

This is an invaluable system. Everyone says follow the trend but no one provides the specific technical details of an entry or exit point. One of my biggest difficulties in trading is to identify my stop loss on a winning position. With this info I'm beginning to understand more about it. - Spyros 

Hi Garrett. Have been reading your thoughts and tutorials for quite some time now. Want to tell you that your systems are amongst some of the finest available. Also want to shout out a huge "Thank You" for all the work/effort you put into this site. Although they may not publicly state it, I believe most your readers feel the same way.  
- Icicle 

This is an awesome tool. Used in conjunction with the others it makes for a simple yet powerful system. Many thanks! - Wolfgang

You're a "must read" in my book, thanks. :) - Johnabi

Hi Mr. Garrett, your trading skills and your wise, cool thoughts are recognized by all of us. – Anonymous

Thank you for your article. Your tweaked a fantastic system you were kind enough to share with us. - Michael 

Thank you for your enlightening writing and for dedicating your knowledge and patience to the public. May success and personal satisfaction be your reward. Best greetings. - Martin

Thank you for the blog, I read it every week and find it very informative, honest and there is a lot to learn from it. Combined with a couple of other blogs, it keeps my feet on the ground and helps me invest wisely. Thank you Trader Garrett! - Sven

Thank You Trader Garrett...for your insight and technical expertise in a very complex world. You are beacon of light on truth and realism! God Bless. - L. Fabert 

Mr Garrett - Thanks for your unemotional / rational analysis. Your blog is on my favorite list, I always check it for the trend change advancements. - Unai

Hello Garrett. This is a great site - I find it quite helpful in the midst of the inflation in "subscribe to me and I'll make you rich" stuff. Thank you and keep up the good work - free stuff is never taken for granted, not even the air we breathe. - David

Just dropping you a line thanking you again...This is truly an incredible gift you are giving us...I am at a loss for words.  I just hope that as time goes on I will be able to contribute to this group. - Bryan

To both you and Janet, I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas. You are sorely missed! But your work and your influence lives on in many of us. - Wolfgang

Bonanza Gold is light on the talk and heavy on results. That is a very rare find. Thank you for this site. - Mike 

Exceptional analysis. Thank you. - Aries

Thank you, excellent commentary as always. - Markinnw

Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show up. Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to say fantastic blog! 
- Anonymous

Appreciate Trader G. I hold you in highest regard. Do keep up your very good effort. - Sarah 

I think your site is excellent and I think many others do too but like me have not commented, perhaps now they will. Thanks very much.  
- Wuwei

Thanks for your great update!  Really helpful. - Bob 

Thanks against for all of the effort, time, and expense you put into Market Pendulum, it is truly appreciated. - Jason Z

Dear Mr. Garrett, Thank you so much for being there and for your kindness to address every issue someone-complete unknown to you - request. That shows the quality and ethos of your character. Long may you run. - Alexandros

Trader Garrett...Thank you for your excellent information and wisdom. You are a rarity. - Larry 

Thank you for making something really complex sound so simple. Really appreciated. - Hazel

Thanks TG.  I place a lot of importance to your indicators and thus am always looking to see the recent updates. - Bob

I am really impressed from the quality of your work…Please keep on the good work. - Alexander

I've been following your blog for the past 6 months and firstly wanted to thank you for sharing your insights as well as sobering perspective on the PM market. Getting caught up in the 'parabola now' mindset of the gold bug clouded my judgement which resulted in sobering losses. Your blog has shown that one can have a fundamental view, yet still have a trading method which respects long term trend, which has been down for over 2 years now. - Anonymous 

So I am writing to let you know that I find your website invaluable and would like to thank you for helping me (as an amateur investor) trying to understand the ebbs and flows of the market.  You have helped me tremendously and for that I am extremely grateful!! - Jason 

Garrett, great insight and analysis as always. Thank you 
- Anonymous 

Garrett, I greatly enjoy your site and appreciate what you offer. Solid stuff....I check in almost daily and if I had any complaint it would be that I'd prefer to see more frequent posting. I always look forward to your analysis...Keep up the good work! - Anonymous

You are a rare voice of wisdom in a world filled with noise. - Fred 

Thank you, Garrett, for your insights and analysis this past year; they are always appreciated. You are providing a great public service! 
- Anonymous 

Excellent piece, ditto the sardonic humor. Thanks for telling it like it is as always. - Anonymous

Trader Garrett - You are a positive and calming voice in the midst of chaos, natural and otherwise, and I am grateful for your words and your wisdom. May you be safe. - Sharon 

First of all, thanks for sharing your knowledge. I'm very grateful for all the info you have shared with us through this blog. - Ruben Gil

Hi Garrett, Thanks again for sharing your expertise. You have made a significant impact in my life. - Wolfgang

Thanks Garrett for again sharing your knowledge and experience. 
- Guy 

Just began exploring the site and already can appreciate your clarity. Thank you so much for the indicators which are so helpful in getting a grasp of the current markets. - Anonymous

Thanks for your education on the markets. Using methods you have demonstrated, the bleeding has stopped in my trading. - Scott


Special Note of Thanks 

The primary purpose of the website has been to assist investors in their own due diligence process.
I do want to thank all our readers for their interest, questions and comments. Indeed, it has been my pleasure to be of assistance to a small but distinguished group of readers during these ten years. 

Since the website has been present, I do not recall anyone who has been argumentative, negative or abusive, either to Market Pendulum or to another reader’s comment. Am not sure what to attribute that to other than the quality of our readers. In any event, I am truly thankful. 

Your interest, comments and emails are always appreciated. 

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