Triangular Treasure Maps - Quarterly

"It's certainly nice to have a portfolio that is doing well. It's quite another to know the minimum price projection for each stock." -TG

After a long downward monthly trend, the Pathfinder PTD formula, in conjunction with a new positive monthly trend change, is a very reliable method for making price predictions for any stock or index. This formula results in a defined  MPO (minimum price objective) and an estimated time (1 - 4 years) to get there.

Monthly MPO's and their results were also discussed in Part 3 of the Independence Gold Mine series.

This is primarily beneficial to those who want a larger "paycheck" and have a longer term horizon and focus.

In this context, all new daily trends are bought provided there are continuing positive weekly and monthly trends present.

The monthly context is great. What about quarterly trends?

Triangular Treasure Maps - Quarterly

No one bothers much with monthly trends which provides the context for longer and more reliable projections. There is even less interest in the quarterly. However, quarterly trends are 3x stronger than the monthly.

An MPO at the quarterly level is calculated by doubling the size of the difference between original monthly trend change and its monthly MPO, already achieved. An additional predictive form of triangulation has occurred. 

Again, this is primarily beneficial for those who have a longer term outlook.

Here is a historical example completed in 2016

Among many others in 2016, there were two other stocks with incomplete quarterly triangular  projections.


SAND  arrived at its quarterly projection. See chart July 2020


NG arrived at its quarterly projection. See chart April 2020

Waiting in the wings are many others including First Majestic (AG), Pretium Resources (PVG), Premiere Gold Mines (PG.TO), International Tower Hill (THM) and Vista Gold (VGZ), all projecting substantially higher prices, in time.

In Summary

This is a time frame trend force to be reckoned with long term and is part of the Pathfinder PTD, a longer term world class trading system found nowhere else. 

Results are not guaranteed since we are only dealing in probabilities. However, a worthwhile strategy is to buy all new daily trends within the context of positive longer term time frame trends. Probabilities favor this approach.

For more frequent assistance in both short and long term trading positions, we highly recommend Dr. Kern's SKI Gold Stock Prediction Service.

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While past performance and probabilities are favorable, results are not guaranteed. Use these trade plans at your own risk. All analytical content provided within or from this site is aimed purely to educate or inform readers on the technical aspects and possible value of intelligent, mathematically based research tools and charts for due diligence purposes.

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