Special Announcement - Gold Stock Prediction System

Market Pendulum is pleased to announce that Jeffrey Kern, PhD has appointed us an affiliate of the SKI system which generates buy and sell signals using the USERX gold mutual fund. This is a unique and valuable resource for our readers. As his only affiliate, this appointment is indeed a great honor and I appreciate his confidence and trust.

Dr. Kern is an academic psychologist with a specialty in the measurement and prediction of human behavior. In 1985, he created a totally unique math predictive program that analyzes the interaction of price & time in the gold market.

His Gold Stock Prediction system, known as SKI, has been highly accurate and successful for subscribers using the USERX, the oldest gold mutual fund with data available since 1974.

The SKI index formulas incorporate price, time, velocity and acceleration in a completely unique manner. The goal is to predict short (1-4 weeks), intermediate (1-2 months) and long term (years).

System Design Benefits

The system was designed so that one could obtain buy and sell signals the day before they were to be executed and to give high probability signals with the probability of success being known in advance. Close stops are provided by the system for minimal draw downs.

Dr. Kern is also an expert on "run patterns" which provide important background trading guidance as they occur.

Review & Recommendation

In my personal view, his unique precision trading signals can also be used for individual gold/silver stocks or indexes that match the performance of the USERX.

I have followed and reviewed his trading methodology and results for more than 10 years and found it to be transparent and very reliable, particularly at key turning points and intersections. His periodic public presentations are well followed by many investors and traders without any hype or fanfare.

Today we are very happy to have the benefit of his expertise for our readers as well. His latest presentation will be here and a regular feature approximately every 3 weeks.

For those interested in short term to long term trading signals in the gold stock market, I have no reservations in recommending his work. Subscription rates are very modest and easily affordable.

Use this special subscription link to select your service plan. 

Trader Garrett Note: If you have already signed up, please let me know of your experience at tradergarrett@gmail.com. 


Trader Garrett
8/1/20 (updated 2021)

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