A Probability Bordering on Certainty
Part 1

Our Pathfinder and Atlantis Rising systems are truly outstanding in their own right.

However, "Benchmark" is our most advanced time frame entry guidance system using PTD formulas. It also provides earlier signals than other systems.

If the "trend change/confirmation signal" occurs within the context of an existing positive weekly/monthly trend, a powerful profit picture is likely. In fact, a formula for a Minimum Price Objective (MPO) can also occur.

No one has ever seen this world class metric in action, until now. Using only 3 indicators, Benchmark provides in every buy sequence a clear:

  • "A" - Alert for a potential impending trend change signal
  • "B" - Buy trend change signal
  • "C" - Confirmation signal

CGEN Daily - April 2020

(MPO was $14.41 - achieved 4/22/20)

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Occasionally, signal points "A" & "B" may be very close together.

Ten Other Setups - April 2020 


S&P500 Daily - April 2020

The S&P500 does NOT have a positive weekly time frame in place so the daily time frame's life is limited unless a positive weekly appears. This process is highlighted in Simple Trading Logic.

XAU Daily - April 2020
(MPO Objective is 144.51)

Down Trend Entry

Signals occur a little differently with point "A" (trend change signal) and "B" (confirmation signal) marking a new Benchmark downtrend.

Daily Example 2019 

Additional presentations for the S&P500, GLD, XAU and others may be displayed here periodically.

Stay tuned...

April 2020


Benchmark - Update
Part 2

Major Market MovesThe primary and exclusive purpose of the premiere Benchmark trading system is to capture the start of a new daily trend within an existing positive weekly and monthly trend context. 

It is typically earlier than other methods and does so with extraordinary reliability.

In April 2020 (above), we presented the XAU Benchmark chart. 

This new June XAU chart again demonstrates another timely entry result in June using the "ABC" sequence described in the initial presentation above.

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XAU Daily - June to July 2020
(MPO above was $144.51 - achieved 7/21/20)

Previous successful entry areas (within a positive DWM context) were in June and October of 2019.

Longer Term Trend Results

Currently, the XAU along with the XGD, HUI, GDX, GLD etc, all have a positive long term trend posture including quarterly and yearly.

The force of these longer term trend backgrounds means all new daily trends are bought.

The SPX trend is positive in all time frames including yearly.

April 2020 Stock Selections + Chart Documentation

All 10 of the April 2020 stock setups (highlighted in red in Part 1) did spectacularly well in the subsequent 2 months after publication including 7 stocks which actually doubled (or more) in price.

Those 7 charts are displayed here. Take a look...

Hope you were one of the few who benefited from the April post. If so, say so.

Here at Market Pendulum, that pretty much does it for me and I wish everyone the best of success.

Trader Garrett
7/9/20 (Updated results included)


Recent Buy/Sell Trade
Mar to Aug 2020

Based on the "ABC" sequence described in Part 1 above, here is THM (recommended in the Independence Gold Mine series) with both buy and sell signal sequences outlined on two charts.

Click charts to enlarge.

THM - Buy Sequence - March 2020

THM - Sell Sequence - July 2020

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