A Season of Sharing

Let us all resolve to be steadfast in our thanks for what we do have, strengthened by the progress made so far and resolute in our determination to do the very best we can with whatever God given talents we possess.

Throughout the year, and especially at this season of sharing, let us also not forget the less fortunate or those who may need a special word of encouragement and comfort.

A very Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

Trader Garrett 

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In Depth Series Published

There are few free websites that show readers exactly how to profit from market trends with step-by-step guides. This is one of them with documented results. 

Last month we published a three part series on how to profit from high short interest conditions.

More recently in Part 3 of the Time Frame Clock series, we expanded on Time Frame Clock trends with specific recommendations on what to do in various daily, weekly, and monthly time frame trend configurations which included the S&P500 trend at the time. A preview is here in Simple Trading Logic.

Another piece offered a simple trading indicator and method that can (in conjunction with your own time frame trend analysis) produce very strong results particularly in the weekly time frame. It is also a vital confirmation tool in any stock, index or commodity selection process.

All these special presentations and more are reserved for members of our select group of serious readers in the free Market Pendulum Library. 

New members are welcome, however, your job is to convince me of your seriousness and desire to be included in Market Pendulum Library's group of select readers, as outlined here. This procedure grants you access to both sites.  

Contact information is here.

Good trading.

Change in Direction - It's Time

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl 3:1) 

Today we make some vital changes that will redirect our energies to only those serious readers, traders or investors who wish to have information, data and education to complete their due diligence. It's time.

As noted in "Count On It", regrettably we have many visitors who are freeloaders, casual sightseers and scavengers. In addition, some past articles of ours at other websites have disappeared or parts of them have been republished without proper attribution. Most visitors do not even have the courtesy to say “thank you”. That ends today.

This change will be accomplished by making the free Market Pendulum Library open only to a select group of serious individuals who can convince me of their real interest and intentions. If you are one of these readers, you will need to follow these simple steps.
  • Create a Google account using your current email address here. (Even if it's not a gmail account)

  • Send me that email address along with your detailed request for entry. A "I want to join" will not make the cut and will be discarded. Contact info is here. 

  • If approved, you will be added to the select group list and will have access to the free Market Pendulum Library site 24/7.

Please note that any selected reader can be denied access later, even if first approved, so freeloaders and scavengers beware.

The General Plan

The main site will only be introductory in nature. For our select group of readers, the Market Pendulum Library website will contain all the “good stuff” including new articles, updates and charts.

This may also include new features such as Pendulum Trader, Technical Toolbox and Tricks of the Trade.

Independent educational sources may be highlighted and guest articles from respected authors may be published. All our past educational series will be complete and updated as necessary.

The exchange of information among members will also be encouraged. A comment from Scot, one of our more astute readers, says it all. “It could be the opportunity for those within the site to share experiences and findings with each other, creating an online community of like minded traders.”

In that connection, a new feature "Reader's Insights & Ideas" has already been published together with a member contribution from Michael G.

Naturally, the site will be free, without ads and will not migrate to a subscription status.

Startup Considerations

All this depends on the number of select readers. If it fails to attract a sufficient number, I have the confidence in knowing that I have done my best over many years to help, educate and inform.

Please be patient while I rearrange the deck chairs as this task will take several weeks. Update announcements for this project will be posted at the Market Pendulum Library website.

The application process and startup begins right now.

Good luck.

Trader Garrett
 8/27/14 (Updated 9/4/14)

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