Check Left Field

You have box seats, sunny skies and the winningest government team ever is on the field. Their brochure even shows how they win, but no one cares. The grandstands are full of fair weather fans who just want autographs on checks the team freely hands out when they win. What could be better?

First, let’s see how the team wins.

Banking Team

In the Old West, robbers robbed banks. Now under the new “Bail-In” program, the banks can rob you. You can’t rob banks, if insolvent, and would go directly to jail if you tried.

The new purpose of banks is to safely hold your money until they need it. It’s the all new “Robin-Hood-in-Reverse” plan. How patiently polite for them to wait!

Banks can also “restructure” their holdings in their favor with the central bank. You can’t and have great difficulty understanding the fine art of “restructuring”.

Full (of it) Employment Team

The economy is chugging along at reduced unemployment levels by not counting everyone that is actually unemployed or working part time. Who needs to count lazy people?

There are jobs available in the Constitution Department for shredding duties.

A huge number of tree cutter and printing jobs have been posted. These growth opportunities allow the PTB to print money, send out announcements and paper things over.

There are lots of openings at the Treasury Department for economic energizer bunnies, socialists and na├»ve nitwits. “Bail out” jobs are now nil but “Bail In” jobs are plentiful. These are high paying jobs whose purpose is to find ways to sink your savings lifeboat.

Employment can also be had at the new “Information Formation System”, better known as “IFS”, where cushy jobs writing positive propaganda articles are available.

Regrettably, security guard openings for vaults have been discontinued due to running out of gold.

New Economy Team 

Current debt exceeds the GDP but that’s ok too since they don't count future unfunded liabilities either. It's the all new “Deep Storage” accounting method, just like for gold.

Interest rates are so low we can easily borrow our way to prosperity, pay for programs we don’t need and buy stuff we won’t use. Luxuries are now affordable!

We are borrowing .46 cents out of every dollar but that is no problem since we own the only printing press. What a relief!

In time, our interest expense will exceed the entire budget, but that's a big kick in the can down the road.

Increased income from new taxes shows the budget deficit of one trillion being reduced by 10%. How reassuring!

Only 15% of the population is on food stamps. Let the rest eat cake!

Money Team

They can print unlimited amounts of money to pay the bills and manage markets. You can’t because counterfeiting is illegal and jail time is involved.

They can rob Peter’s account to pay Paul’s account. You can’t because Peter has run out of money.

Market Team 

All major markets are properly "managed". You can’t and would be found guilty of market manipulation if you did.

Stock markets are “high-jacked” to assure everyone that happy days are here again. Casino losses are a distant memory from the past.

The S&P500 has a high PE ratio of 21. That means optimism is high, all is well and the future is brighter.

Team Scoreboard

Box Score - Government 20, Citizen 0.

Good news! The government has discovered the Holy Grail of winning and can postpone any possible loss for a very long period of time. An amazing record!

Now, it’s the ninth inning and nothing could go wrong here. Right?

Check left field.

Pendulum Portfolio Results

As Pendulum Trader members will confirm that as of today...

  • All 20 stocks were profitable
  • Have an overall gain of 67% since introduction in December 2015
  • Ten have gains of 80% or more
  • Seven have gains over 100%

This is not promises or prospective possibilities but real results and a truly outstanding performance so far.

Note of Caution

While the XAU is in a positive daily and weekly trend posture, it has made huge gains, a no-brainer for taking some money off the table, locking in profits or otherwise taking protective measures.

Trust everyone has taken the usual and customary precautions.

Premiere Pendulum Portfolio

The Portfolio, which includes 20 extraordinary stocks of the highest standard, performance and prospects within the gold, silver, platinum and phosphate resource areas. Primarily located in the US and Canada, they are simply the best. 

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Updated 5/4/16

The Pendulum Trader Collection

During the past year, we have collected all of the most important articles, step-by-step guides and winning trading techniques from the Pendulum Library into one complete “book” called The Pendulum Trader. 

This gold mine collection is now complete and available to serious traders and investors.

The Pendulum Trader website and charts demonstrates premiere trading strategies, technical tools that work and integrated time frame trend data for profitable trades. It also shows readers precisely how you can profit from any market trend with complete technical and fundamental background information.

Methods to enter and exit any investment in a timely manner as well as how to handle mistakes are included. A complete and final checklist summarizes all the required elements and guides you toward that goal.

The Pendulum Trader also includes Trader Garrett’s key fundamental posts, valuation metrics and humorous parodies as well as inspirational pieces.   

The complete collection is available now together with all current updates, new material and any site improvements.

Highlights from Key Chapters 

Premiere Trading Indicators
Today we are going to examine three of the best technical trend indicators outside of Market Pendulum's and a premiere trading method for using them. 

The Time Frame Clock 
The Market Pendulum time frame model is really quite simple. The gears in this “clock” are the daily, weekly and monthly time frame trends. First, we need to know their individual trend directions. Secondly, we need to know their respective influence on each other.

The Secrets of Time Frame Trends 
I want to again emphasize eight points that apply to any stock selection issue or trading plan. They are indeed my gold standard in trading which answers a lot of questions and solves a lot of problems that deal with price, time and distance.

Strategic Math (for 100% Winners) 
In my opinion, any stock at any price which achieves a 100% gain is an immediate candidate for a complete sale or for this procedure, all else being equal. I have a past history of 37 which achieved this milestone. Clearly, this method is worth considering. 

Short Term Retracements - The Fifth Dimension 
It is primarily for those with a shorter term horizon but has the additional benefit of allowing longer term investors a good entry point to add to their existing positions. This trade plan is #2 in terms of probabilities and accuracy.

Trading Checklist 
This purpose of this presentation is simply to bring several technical elements, techniques and strategies from the different articles above into a single checklist and trading plan.


The Pendulum Trader also includes:

  • The top 2 most reliable technical trading methods
  • What indicator, all by itself, provides early trend entry, trend confirmation, trend confidence and has a stop loss element already built in
  • Why a certain moving average metric improves on the traditional moving averages most commonly used
  • What moving average configuration most closely resembles Market Pendulum’s venerable TDI indicator
  • Numerous fundamental and technical insights as well as winning trading strategies 
  • The Premiere Pendulum Portfolio above 


Many other step-by-step guideposts, premiere trading techniques along with updated strategy presentations are also included. All can be used in any actively traded market including stocks, indexes and commodities. 

The entire Pendulum Trader Collection is a..."Gold mine of insights, illuminating information and instruction" 

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