The Path to Prosperity

My passion in life has always been to figure things out and solve problems. As a professional trader, my only full time job and challenge is to do just that each and every trading day and with a longer term trading horizon. 

We also teach others the skills learned over many years and it gives us great satisfaction when they succeed.

Here at Market Pendulum and the Pendulum Trader website, we have a fully integrated time frame system based on the herd instinct and natural law. Anyone can determine a daily trend change but the largest returns are when a new daily trend occurs within an existing positive weekly and monthly trend together with confirmation indicators that support it. That takes a little more work and is our primary focus.

The Pathfinder trading system is designed to enter any market with the right tools, techniques and trading tips. Perfection is not the objective here as we all make mistakes, being human. Strong, consistent performance on a regular basis is the goal.

Thankfully, we enjoy a world class system to assist our efforts. If there was a better integrated system available, we would either buy, adopt or modify it to meet our needs. After extensive due diligence, none has been found to date.

The Market Pendulum website introduces our program to get you on the path to prosperity. More details are here.

Feel free to browse all presentations and links. Questions or comments are always welcome.

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The Power of Atlantis Cycle Indicator ACE-9

Measuring TDX price trends is important. Defining cycles within those price trends is an equally effective exercise. The zero gravity line is the key.

For trading purposes, knowing the location of zero gravity is a very important data point. Why?

Because the cyclical forces of price, time and momentum move values up out of the zone of zero gravity. This clearly provides liftoff, direction and trend.

ACE-9 Benefits
  • ACE-9 has the capability of frequently predicting a TDX daily turn before it occurs, an extraordinarily valuable benefit.
  • ACE-9 when used in conjunction with Pivot Points is deadly accurate.
  • ACE-9 can frequently provide guidance on sales at the end of a trend when it turns over.

The ACE-9 and Pivot Point teams are my top shelf guidance systems. Priceless.

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The SAR - Plain & Simple

The SAR is a well known trend confirmation indicator providing "dots of direction and duration". Our powerful GPS metric is an improvement of that indicator with superb accuracy and results.

The GPS offers several advantages and benefits including:

  • Allowing early trend entry
  • Guidance in staying with that trend
  • Trading profits are larger
  • A built in self-adjusting stop-loss indicator
  • A great confidence builder

We use our TDI (Trend Directional Indicator) in conjunction with the GPS indicator.

Bring up a daily chart of MPW and compare your SAR with our GPS. 

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Atlantis - Pivot Point Precision

Investing can be frustrating with prices and indicators fluctuating constantly creating doubt and uncertainty.

Most investors would prefer a clear entry point near the start of a new trend and then a straight line trip to success. Is this a realistic goal? Can we ignore the price noise while traveling on this train to the exit station?

Yes, we can and in essentially straight lines (after the liftoff) no less! 

A very impressive performance, to say the least. Take a look at this Pivot Point example.

Background Parameters

We all know that the highest probabilities of profit occur when a new positive daily emerges within an existing positive weekly/monthly trend. Building on that knowledge, the Atlantis "Pivot Point" provides unique guidance and confirmation within that context.

We had two "live and in progress" Atlantis MMM candidates that resulted in successful demonstrations witnessed by all members. How was this done?

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Mining the Mother Lode - Cornerstone Metals 

We have two "Pathfinder" trade planat our Bonanza Gold site. Members use our proprietary and powerful PWR, GPS and TDX indicators in unison to produce outstanding and consistent results.

This is the true story on of one those achievements.

Fundamentally, Cornerstone Metals has one of the largest and richest Vanadium deposits in North America and only 33/mil shares outstanding. Initially, that got my attention.

Technically, it was positive in all primary trends and on 2/28/18, when the PWR crossed the TDX train track, I purchased it. Subsequently, it exceeded  the 100% benchmark on 4/5/18 and I sold 55%, thus riding for free.

As it turns out, a second PWR/TDX event occurred 5/23/18 and met all technical requirements. Now it has more than tripled from that 2nd buy point and gone vertical on heavy volume. 

This moon shot will likely be over soon and exit signals will flash.

New Symbol FVAN.V

The lesson here is not about my record since I simply followed our proven and probable mining rules.

The important message is this. When a new daily PWR/TDX signal occurs within a continuing positive weekly and monthly trend with all confirmation indicators aligned and rising, it pays to take action since the probabilities are clearly in one's favor.

Let me be clear. Not all will be as profitable as this one and the profit picture will vary. However, this premiere mining plan will very likely meet your personal preferences for a reasonable return by: 
  • Simply following the proven and probable rules
  • Following the PWR/GPS path
  • Having your stop-loss program in place

Mine it!

Jun 2018 

Trend & Cycle Decoded

You really do not want to know the future because if you did, you would simply be a robot fulfilling that future “plan”. There would be no free will, no choices and no mystery.

In trading markets, we can measure trends and cycles but what we are really doing is probability analysis. We do not absolutely know the outcome, only a probable result. However, in longer term trends and cycles, the probabilities become more reliable. 

Trend & Cycle

First, some supporting background information. 

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