The Pendulum Trader - Decoding Time Frame Trends

An extensive new book, "The Pendulum Trader - Decoding Time Frame Trends" is being written. 

Many Pendulum Library articles, new trading materials along with relevant and updated presentations from both sites will be included.

Once complete, it will be offered to all traders and investors. You may wish to check back periodically for any progress updates.

For now, the Pendulum Library is closed to all except for the current distinguished group of serious traders and investors.

Finally, it's most definitely not the time to give up, particularly in the gold and silver markets, which are very slowly transitioning from a 4 year bear market.

More for Library readers... 

Tracking Tradeable Trends

There are few websites that show readers exactly how to profit from market trends with step-by-step guides. The free Market Pendulum Library is one of them with specific techniques, time frame trend data and fundamental information.

The primary purpose of the website is to simply assist investors in certain investment areas or direction so they can properly conduct their own due diligence. It is not designed to do your work for you but simply help point you in the right direction with the proper tools. 

In other words, we try to teach readers how to fish, not actually do the fishing for them. This method has obvious personal satisfaction benefits. 

Trend tracking activities include the S&P500, XAU together with the USD and bond markets. 

Presentation Examples

For example, an important piece offered a simple trading indicator and method that can produce very strong results particularly in the weekly time frame. This indicator is also a vital confirmation tool in any stock, index or commodity selection process.

In Part 3 of the Time Frame Clock series, we expanded on Time Frame Clock trends with very specific recommendations on what to do in various daily, weekly, and monthly time frame trend configurations. A short preview is in Simple Trading Logic here.

Other articles include Premiere Trading Indicators, a high probability Short Term Retracement Trade Plan and a three part series on how to profit from high short interest conditions

A simple Trading Checklist summarizes all the required elements and indicators for a successful trade.

All these special presentations, and a whole lot more, are a gold mine of data, trends and insights. This is reserved for members of our select group of serious readers in the Library.

Free Membership

Naturally, the site is free, without ads and will not migrate to a donation or subscription status. However, specific recommendations or requested work consultations are not free. 

The Pendulum Library is now closed to all except for the current distinguished group of serious traders and investors. 

To successful trading!

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