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”Put it before them Briefly so they will Read it, Clearly so they will Appreciate it, Picturesquely so they will Remember it, and above all, Accurately so they will be guided by it.” - Joseph Pulitzer.

There is a considerable amount of data and information on this website and in the Pendulum Library. Here is a brief collection of insights, analogies and opinions drawn from various Market Pendulum articles that may be of interest.

On Trends

The Market Pendulum time frame model is really quite simple. The gears in this “clock” are the daily, weekly and monthly time frame trends. One must first determine the time frame trend of any index, stock or commodity to have any prospect of a successful trade.

A trend, whether positive or negative, always starts first in the daily time frame, before any possible migration to other time frames. 

On Market Opinions

What makes a market is that everyone has a different opinion, objective and outlook. If we all agreed, there would be no market trends and no need for trading. So we should welcome different opinions and the various opportunity trends that result.

On Probabilities

In trading markets, we can measure trends and cycles but what we are really doing is probability analysis. We do not absolutely know the outcome, only a probable result. However, in longer term trends and cycles, the probabilities become more reliable.

On Gold & Gold Stocks

The primary purpose for buying gold or silver is for preservation, protection and profit as well as survival from the destruction of paper money.

Stocks still have many question marks and may not be as fortunate if nationalizations occur or royalties and taxes increase.

If you want to beat the hedgies, momentum players and the caboose people, one must take appropriate risks when on sale prices occur, not after a 19% rise.

On the S&P500, USD & Bonds

The S&P500 is likely to attain new highs in 2014 but its bubble bull market will probably end by 2015. In addition, a predicted monetary, USD and bond market collapse by others is not just around the corner. It will be delayed due to various tactics referenced. (9/28/13)

On Financials

Living within ones means is a concept that needs to be imported and adopted. Simple logic, third grade math and an empty piggy bank would clarify the problem for most people. The math is quite simple and knows no political affiliation.

On Cheerleaders

All the cheer leading in the world does not change a trend. Predictions or forecasts based on other than the mathematical trend evidence are false and should be ignored.

On a weekly basis, we see predictions for an explosion in gold/silver prices, short squeezes and indications of imminent turnarounds. All these activities provide a false flag of hope without foundation.

On the Website

The primary purpose of this free website has been to assist investors, based on our experience, in a certain investment area or direction so they can properly conduct their own due diligence.

That pretty much does it for me. Time for an extended vacation.

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