The Pendulum Trader

The purpose of the companion Pendulum Trader website is to provide serious traders and investors with: 
  • Extraordinary stocks of value 
  • Premiere trading strategies
  • Education to improve your trading results
  • Assistance in your due diligence efforts

    Pendulum Trader includes:

    • The 3 best technical trend indicators (outside of Market Pendulum) anyone can use and a premiere trading method for using them.
    • What indicator, all by itself, provides early trend entry, trend confirmation, trend confidence and has a stop loss element already built in.
    • When does Trader Garrett expect a major technical reversal in the Gold and Silver markets and why.
    • Numerous fundamental and technical insights as well as winning trading strategies.

    A convenient "Location Guide" on the home page will direct you to the answers to all these questions.

    Two Special Reports include:

    • What Canadian development company with a very high-grade gold project of 3/mil+ ounces in one of the most prolific gold districts in the world, comes with a market capitalization that is priced below the valuation of its mill, mine and infrastructure, all by itself. This means that the gold resource is free. The company is also a probable takeover candidate.
    • What undervalued and overlooked gold company with the best fundamental prospects can be used as a low priced long-term option on gold with very little risk. This company is also a possible takeover candidate within 12 to 24 months.
    • What world class silver company with some of the highest grade silver in the world can be used as a low priced long-term option on silver with very little risk. This company also has income from a side business with high profit margins and a large backlog.
    • Two other premiere selections are provided in these detailed reports.
    • Ten other candidates from other areas are described in "Strategic Stock Selections".

    The Pendulum Trader includes extraordinary, undervalued and timely stock suggestions for member's consideration. 

    It also has trend projections for the S&P500 and XAU along with many presentations on winning technical techniques and fundamental insights.

    Complete presentation - Click here

    Tracking Tradeable Trends

    There are few websites that show readers exactly how to profit from market trends.  

    Market Pendulum is one of them with specific techniques, time frame trend data and fundamental information.

    Trend tracking activities include the S&P500, XAU along with the USD and Bond markets.

    The primary purpose of the companion website The Pendulum Trader is to provide serious traders and investors with:
    • Extraordinary stocks of value
    • Proper technical tools
    • Premiere trading strategies
    • Education to improve trading results
    • Assistance in due diligence efforts

    These include step-by-step guides and winning trading techniques, all designed to help point traders and investors in the right direction. 

    The detailed special presentations are a gold mine of detailed instructions, insights and information.

    The Pendulum Trader is the premiere and updated version of the Pendulum Library. Past presentation examples from that site are here.