Premiere Stock Selections

Whether you are a short term or long term investor, everyone has their own goals, preferences and trading style.

This is especially true for stock selections in the the resource sector which will gradually become quite valuable.

Pre-Screened Resource Selections 

Personal Services from Bonanza Gold offers premiere and pre-screened resource selections to meet your individual needs.

Now is the time to prepare with qualified selections.

  • The first section addresses the share dilution issue and provides 5 well researched gold and silver stocks with a low share structure and which are undervalued. 
  • The second section has 15 other premiere resource stocks which demonstrate either fundamental leadership in their sector, a special investment feature or a value we should all be aware of.
All 20 stocks provide exposure to gold, silver, copper, zinc, oil/gas, rare earths, uranium, nano technology and fertilizer areas.

Also included - Trader Garrett's portfolio and watch list of 40 stocks, 20 of which he owns directly. 

One Time Cost - $35.00 
Offer expires - 6/18/17 

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Trend & Cycle Decoded

You really do not want to know the future because if you did, you would simply be a robot fulfilling that future “plan”. There would be no free will, no choices and no mystery.

In trading markets, we can measure trends and cycles but what we are really doing is probability analysis. We do not absolutely know the outcome, only a probable result. However, in longer term trends and cycles, the probabilities become more reliable. 

First, some supporting background information. 

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St. Elmo's Fire
Prospects from Ghosts and Gold

St. Elmo was originally developed in 1878 when gold and silver were discovered. 

The DenverTribune observed at the time, “St. Elmo, a town of less than 6 months, has two sawmills, a smelter and concentrator, 3 hotels, 5 restaurants and several stores.” 

According to Wikipedia, St. Elmo is one of Colorado's best preserved ghost towns. "The town was at its peak in the 1890s, when it included a telegraph office, general store, town hall, 5 hotels, saloons, dancing halls, a newspaper office, and a school house. The Denver, South Park and Pacific Railroad line ran through St. Elmo. There were 150 patented mine claims within the area. The Mary Murphy Mine was the largest and most successful mine in the area and recovered over $60,000,000 worth of gold while it was in operation." 

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Pendulum Trader Collection
Bonanza Gold Mine 

We have collected all of the most important presentations, step-by-step guides and winning trading techniques from the Pendulum Library into one complete “book” called The Pendulum Trader.

This gold mine collection and site is now complete and only available to serious traders and investors.

The Pendulum Trader website and charts demonstrates premiere trading strategies, technical tools that work and integrated time frame trend data for profitable trades. It also shows readers precisely how you can profit from any market trend with complete technical and fundamental background information.

Methods to enter and exit any investment in a timely manner as well as how to handle mistakes are included. A complete and final checklist summarizes all the required elements and guides you toward that goal.

The Pendulum Trader also includes Trader Garrett’s key fundamental posts, valuation metrics and humorous parodies as well as inspirational pieces.

Explore the Bonanza Gold Mine

Pendulum Trader's companion site Bonanza Gold takes all the tools of the Pendulum Trader one step higher with a world class trading system found nowhere else. Included is the Pendulum Project which is not about “work in progress” but about "Projections" within any time frame trend.

This complete collection plus Bonanza Gold is available now together with all current updates, new material and any site improvements on a one-time entry fee basis. 

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