S&P500 - Overdone, Overvalued, Overdue - Oh Really?

Everyone knows the S&P500 and some other broad market indexes are way overdone, overvalued and overdue for a major correction. However, the trends do not agree.

For example, all primary trends are positive in the daily, weekly, monthly and beyond. 

Projections suggest substantial further gains.

Historical Record

One of the simplest ways to track trends is by using our TDI and GPS, both of which have an impressive record.

See the longer term S&P500 TDI/GPS picture with current dailyweekly and 20 year monthly charts here.

Benchmark Recommendations & Record has our documented calls on the S&P500 here.

Application Benefit

One can easily use TC2000 to duplicate or replicate these charts for your own benefit. Review their features here that includes a $25.00 discount, courtesy of Market Pendulum.



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